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By Ol Arky
Both my boys and the grand boys are going to the deer camp for the final time this season and will be pulling cameras, locking down the stands with windows, winterizing the others and winterizing the deer camp cabin itself... They are also bringing my hunting stuff back for me to use during duck season If I can...

Another "Season of Dreams" will be in the books and for the most part it's been great... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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By LibbyLA
Wow! It's hard to think about shutting things down for the season. We have a short break then four more weeks of dog-deer hunting starts right before Christmas so we have to be at the camp if we want to have any chance at all of keeping the deer dogs off the place.

So glad you've had a good season!
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By dbaxter
Glad that you had a great year Arky! :D Hopefully you can knock some ducks down too! :D

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By bobcat
I've taken all out except for two. Those will probably stay until the last week of December.
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