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By Ol Arky
Friday evening at dusk I was taking our little dog out for his normal walk. We went down the porch steps and he jumped the monkey grass the other side of the sidewalk and I followed. BAM, BAM. Double tap to my left ankle by a juvenile copperhead. Things went downhill in a hurry but the snake received a double tap from my 9mm pocket pistol. After a trip to the ER for treatment and another for pain relief, I got home to stay at 6am the next morning with a nice swollen left leg. They have me on total bed rest except bathroom breaks and highly elevated left leg. So I'll only be on my phone for awhile recuperating for a week or so. Glad it was what thy called a dry bite cause it could have been worse. Now I know for sure that I'm snake bit.
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By hogdeer79
That's really scary. Glad to hear it was a dry bite. One never wants to know how their body reacts to a venomous snake bite.
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By Anthony
Hey, the same exact thing happened to me. My dad was my Doctor and treated me over the phone which was basically watch for swelling over a period of hours and I had none. The snake bit me in the top of my foot as I walked out of my back door barefoot with the dogs without turning on the light first.

I am glad you are ok!! :shock:
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By Ol Arky
I wish mine was that simple. My foot and left leg has been swollen a bunch all the way up to my knee. That 1st night I had 2 doses of morphine IV, hydrocodone, benadryl plus some other IV meds. The pain that 1st 12 hours was terrible.. I got pictures that the doctors had my wife take and text them to them. My foot is still swollen and red/ brown color. Got to keep it elevated above my heart until the swelling goes down. I'll post a picture or 2 when I can get to my computer. Ain't figured out how to post them from my phone yet.
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By Ol Arky
Underware survived until late Saturday and early Sunday when the toilet hugging stage kicked in... Went through every good pair I have plus some old wore out ones I save for a rainy day.. :mrgreen: :lol:
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By LibbyLA
Sounds bad. If a dry bite can cause that much trouble, no telling what the other kind would do. I hope you heal quickly. That doesn't sound like fun at all.

I'd probably have died of a heart attack right there, or tried to shed my foot like a lizard drops its tail!
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By Ol Arky
The doctors told me I got some venom but if it had been a full load my ankle and leg would have swollen twice as big as it was... No time for a heart attack. I was too busy fighting back... :D :D
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By Ol Arky
Finally set down at my computer so here's a few pictures of my leg and foot...

None for the Friday of the bite or that Saturday...

A couple from Sunday

Imagelegsunday by Philip Weaver, on Flickr

Imagelegsunday1 by Philip Weaver, on Flickr


Imagelegmonday by Philip Weaver, on Flickr


Imagelegtuesday by Philip Weaver, on Flickr


Imagelegwednesday by Philip Weaver, on Flickr

Imagelegwednesday1 by Philip Weaver, on Flickr

Imagelegwednesday2 by Philip Weaver, on Flickr


Imagelegfriday by Philip Weaver, on Flickr

Still down for another week according to my doctor as of yesterday..
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By Ol Arky
My doctor has me on Benadryl, Hydrocodone for pain, Ibuprofen and they gave me a tetanus shot, steroid shot and a shot for nausea the 1st trip to the ER. The 2 trip to the ER they gave me 2 doses of morphine IV and another shot IV but I don't remember what it was. My primary care doctor gave me another steroid shot and kept me on Benadryl, Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen.
That 1st 12 hours was rough. The double dip of morphine didn't ease the pain much if any and the Hydrocodone finally knocked me out. When I woke up I felt pretty good but that's when the toilet hugging stage set in for Saturday and most of Sunday. Since then it's been a slow process but I am getting better. Still have another week of bed rest and leg elevation and the back to my primary care doctor again.
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By johnnydeerhunter
WOW, that's crazy!! I agree with Pat, you're a tough one.
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