If you have hunting land for lease or sale or you are looking for some please post your listings here.
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By Ol Arky
I'll be the 1st to post here since we had 3 long time members and 2 new members not get back in our lease this year...

This year our deer camp is lookin' for 5 new members.... Ya can do it one of two ways... A lease fee is $800. Or ya can split a lease fee between 2 folks with each payin' $400. Each lease fee is for one area on the 3000 acres our camp has leased... Ya pick ya area from the open areas of which this year there are several great areas available since the 3 long time members left... All areas are good but need attention (WORK) to become great... There are 20 huntin' areas.... 9 are available... Some haven't been hunted in several years... We normally have 16 to 18 members that pay a lease fee... The camp is family oriented and no alcoholic beverages are allow... The members wife and childern under 18 years ol' can hunt on the members area... We have a decent deer and turkey population and hogs have left us for greener pastures since we send each of um we see to the pearly gates... :wink: :wink:

The camp owns 1 acre in the middle of the area we lease... There are campsite for campers and sites to build a cabin if ya wanta... Electricty and water are available on the land we own...

We are in SW Arkansas near Camden, Texarkana and NW and N Central Lousiana...

If anyone is intersted ya can contact me for additional information....
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