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This braided rodent-proof conduit is a brilliant idea GForce, and I will certainly need to acquire enough to protect all my trail camera power lines from saber-toothed squirrels that would otherwise make short work of an unprotected power cable.

The specifics of how you go about using heat shrink to protect the connectors from the elements are also much appreciated, so I have copied and saved the steps you listed here, to avoid having to try and reinvent the wheel, when it comes to corrosion and weather protection for cameras with external power sources connected via cable.

If I'd known what I know now, about this subject of powering trail cameras with external batteries, those pesky night visitors that helped themselves to my catfish brood stock, would have been collared long before they could have done much damage. Anyway, armed with this new knowledge you have been kind enough to share on this subject of external power for trail cameras, I will be able to dust off all my mothballed trail cameras, and deploy them without any further worries relating to the corrosion of those 12 AA batteries I previously felt obligated to install in each camera housing.
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