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By zoso5900
#291779 I purchased 3 of these cameras after reading the good reviews that Trail Cam Pro gave them. I was excited to give them a try. After 3 weeks I sent all three cameras back. Their performance was so poor in my opinion that I am seriously doubting the reviews that come out of Trail Cam Pro now. I think they were so excited about the fast trigger speed and recovery time that they overlooked some other faulty areas this camera had.

The following is a list of issues I had with the cameras.

1. Picture quality was not very good. If the animal was not directly in front of the camera and close up the pictures were so grainy that you could not see any detail in the photos. Night time IR pictures are typically a bit grainy but these were the worst of any camera I have used to date.

2. Timelapse plus feature malfunctioned on all three cameras. The timelapse feature would work for a day or two then just not function for a few days and then would work again for a few days. Very unreliable and frustrating.

3. One of the cameras would get stuck in IR mode even during daylight hours.

4. Battery life seemed week as well. One camera was down to 68% battery after less than two weeks in the field and not taking more than a few hundred photos.

Overall I personally would not recommend anyone purchase the Browning Range Ops model. Perhaps the other two higher end models that Browning put out are better but after the experience I had with these I am not about to pay to find out. The operating system is very similar to my Moultrie M-80XD cameras but the performance is not even close. I spent a little extra $ to exchange all three of these for the Moultrie M-880.

Hope this helps anyone that is on the fence about these cameras.
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By Kudahop
#292061 I am finding about the same thing as zoso5900. My Range Ops cams (2) have extreme ir blur. I have alread had one replaced because the ir filter was stuck on and it would take ir pics all times of the day. Now the other is stuck on. The replacement that I got from Browning (w/ factory updated software)hasn't taken a color picture for me yet! I will say this, Browning customer service was very helpful on the phone and very fast get me a replacement (4 days) even sent extras, (batteries and a new strap!) About the only positive i can say about the range ops is the trigger speed which is lightning fast. It is just as fast as if not faster than the recon force i have with the same detection range. The huge difference is pic quality. Range Ops pic quality is seriouly lacking when i compare it to my force cam.
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By Kudahop
#292371 Browning customer service has been very helpful each time i call with questions. As I noted above my range ops cams all have gotten the ir filter stuck and only take ir pics. I called and told them what was going on with my cams and after he got done asking a few basic questions i changed the subject to how well i like my recon force cam and just asked if i could upgrade my range ops cams for the recon force cams. He told me they would upgrade both of my cams to the force cams at no additional cost and they would send them right out. I can't complain with that.