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By NantucketShedHunter
What kind of battery life are you guys getting from your BTC 5HD? Mine has taken 1,000 pictures and the battery meter is showing 93%. 3/4 of those pictures were day pictures. I'm using Duracell alkalines. I'm not getting that kind of battery life from any of my Chinese cameras
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By joebiodiesel
I'm using rechargeable NiMh batteries. I've got almost 200 or so videos, almost exclusively 10 second night vids, and the batteries showed 30% this morning. I'm going to run them until they're dead and try it again.
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By Fl_Cracker
Joe, if you like the 2015 BTC-5 then you will really like the 2015 BTC-7. I own both and the audio is far superior on the BTC-7. Also, the file size for video is much less, a 10sec night video on the BTC-5 it is around 59000kb and on the BTC-7 it is 25500kb. My only complaint about these two cameras is the daytime picture quality but the daytime video quality on the BTC-7 is fantastic and both cams have very good battery life.
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By joebiodiesel
Thanks Cracker! I'm working on another Homebrew Video camera at the moment, but it is always good to know what other good video cameras are out there. Improved audio would definitely be a plus.
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By Brandon Borst
I just checked mine for the first time yesterday. 247 5 second videos and the energizer advanced lithiums are still at 100%! Got them dirt cheap at Walmart too!
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