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By RiverRat
My Strikeforce had been out since first weekend in April. Checked last weekend for the first time and it quit working after 2 weeks in field. So it sat for 2 months in field with it not working so I'm a little torqued. The camera is less than a year old and I have receipt, I'm hoping Browning will repair or replace the unit.

Has anyone tried to send a trail camera back to Browning with any luck?
By RiverRat
Regular Batteries and they were new to start when I set it out and picture. Video drains batteries to fast and I knew it would be out for at least a couple months. Batteries should have lasted for 6-8 months. I have 2 Primos Proof 2 cams in same location out for the same amount of time and with same batteries. They are still at 85%.

I've had issues with the Browning before but I thought I figured the problems out guess not.
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By reaperman
This sounds a bit crazy, but did you test all of the batteries that were in the camera after you checked it? The reason I ask, is last week one of my cams died way sooner than it ever has before. I tested all of the batteries as I took them out. To my surprise, three of the batteries still tested 1.5 volts, but the other nine (12 total batteries) were down to .9 volts. All of the batteries came out of the same package but for some reason 9 drained and 3 didn't.

I'd be a bit disappointed also
By RiverRat
No didn't rest batteries, my biggest problem is I set the camera 500+ miles a way. A friend checked it for me and I'm going off his information. I forgot I saw this issue before but thought it was resolved. He put brand new batteries and a new memory card in it and it still didn't work. Then 24hrs later he messed with it again and it started working. Right now it's working but I'd like to send it to Browning and have it looked at before the warranty expires.

I'll try lithium in it next.
By RiverRat
First off, I'd like to apologize if I came across arrogant with my replies to your helpful suggestions to both of your replies. I wasn't meaning too and I know I tend to do that at times so I apologize for being ride if I was, it wasn't my intention.

Just got off the phone with Browning because I felt I could explain myself better than an email. They think my problem could be with the way the memory card was formatted and the alkaline batteries. Suggested that I do a format on a PC and change batteries to lithium batteries. I am having a hard time grasping that these are my issues but I have till August to resolve the problem which is when I purchased the unit. I don't have these issues with my Primos Proof 2, Spypoint Force, and Bushnell Essential E2 cameras so I find it hard that is my problem but we shall see.

Thanks for your help guys.
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By reaperman
I think their wrong on the lithium battery theory. Last year I had issues with a browning (dark ops) and they gave me the same lithium story. I pointed out the packaging clearly states (as yours most likely does also). "Camera runs on 6 alkaline batteries".

However, there is a browning issue with using a higher speed memory card, where the camera will not write to these cards. It wont drain the battery, but it wont write pictures/vids either. My new strikeforce has this issue.

PS. You didn't come off as arrogant.
By RiverRat
What memory cards are you using? I'm using a 8gig class 10. I read that the bigger cards 32g cause issues but didn't hear the faster memory cards cause issues. Hmmm
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By bowhtr1
Funny, they normally tell you to make sure and format in the camera. I sent a couple back and they always sent the same camera back saying everything is working as it should. Depending on where you bought it you may be able to swap for another one. Thats what I would do.
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By reaperman
What memory cards are you using? I'm using a 8gig class 10. I read that the bigger cards 32g cause issues but didn't hear the faster memory cards cause issues. Hmmm

Here is the response from TCP when I emailed them with card writing issues last month. " I have been seeing issues when people are using the faster SD cards. If you have the 8gb card we sent with the camera you might try that. I believe the 70mb/s is to fast of a transfer rate for the camera. We did have one customer who had a faster card than that and the camera wouldn't trigger at all. He changed the card out to a slower transfer rate and the camera worked fine"

My manual says the new strike force accepts standard sd cards class 10 or higher up to 32gb. And will accept sdxc cards from 64 to 512gb. But from my understanding a sdxc cards are used for faster writing capacities. I normally used what you are using. But when I see a deal on sd cards online I pick a few up as long as its a name brand. The particular card that gave me issues with my browning camera only. Was a sony class 10, 32gb, 70mb/s.
By RiverRat
This is the card that was in the camera at the time...

SanDisk ULTRA 8GB Class 10 SDHC Memory Card

I have some 2g class 4 cards that I use in my older cameras I might give them a try.

Thanks for any help.
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By bowhtr1
Here is an old post on this
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By Okie Noggin
I bought 2 Strikeforce Elites last year. 1 in the summer and 1 in the fall. Worked great, awesome battery life. In March 1 cam stopped working, 2 of the 6 batteries were totally dead and the other 4 were fully charged. Browning replaced the camera :D
My other Strikeforce stopped working in May, all batteries were dead. I replaced all the batteries and they lasted 1 week taking only 5 or 6 videos. I replaced the batteries twice more, every week after getting a few videos. Browning replaced the camera :D I took the new replacement camera and installed it 2 weeks ago. It recorded 18 videos the 1st week and today I checked the camera and it was dead after recording 2 videos. 2 of the batteries (Lithium) were again totally dead and the other 4 were totally charged. I replaced the batteries with alkalines and left it there for another week as crazy as that sounds. Im thinking all the batteries should discharge at the same time so maybe there is a problem with the circuit in the battery tray. Guess I'll call Browning pretty soon.
By RiverRat
I forgot I had a 32g card in my cameras when my problem happened along with it was a class 10 card. Where I have the camera I have a buddy checking it for me so I'm relaying the information. Once he got it home and took the memory card out and replaced the batteries (didn't need too) he let it set for 24hrs. Once he let it set he put a 8g memory card in it and it fired back up. He ran it in his yard and so far it seems to be working. I order a couple 8g class 4 cards for camera as well. It's still working and he's going to re hang the camera to see if we continue to have issues. After talking to Browning they said they'd make sure camera is taken care of one way or another if I continue to have issues.

Funny thing is I am now up to 5 Primos Proof 2 Cameras and I don't have any issues with these cameras and I've read a lot of problems with them.

I bought the Browning because Trail Cam Pro and my buddy highly recommended it. So far I'm disappointed in it's performance.
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By FredG
Don't know if this has been brought up before here or not, but it might have something to do with some of the problems being experienced.

The last thing you want to do with any camera is to pull the SD card while the camera is still actively writing to the card. Can't speak for other models in the Browning line, but the Strike Force seems to have a one-tracked mind about taking pictures... It takes a lot of them and it really doesn't want to stop. Just because the first thing you do when you approach the camera is to open it up and turn it off that doesn't mean that the camera is truly turned off! As long as there is motion in front of it, it will continue to take pics or vids until there is a sufficiently long lag with no motion before it shuts down. The results of pulling the card before it is totally shut down can be anything from lost pics/vids/time-lapse vids to corruption of the card and/or locking-up of the camera. A sure fire method of avoiding this is to put the palm of your hand over the PIR sensor when you turn it off and give it enough time to finish up whatever it might be in the process of doing. There will be no visual clue that the cam is actually shut down... So before you pull the card slide the switch back to the on position to see if It starts the normal count-down to arming process. If it does, you can slide the switch back to off and pull the card. If not, wait a while longer for it to totally shut down and test again to make sure it's off.

Don't know if this will help with anyone's problems but it works for me.
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