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By bowhtr1
Nice setup. I really like my Spec Ops Extreme cams.
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By OutdoorBob
I pulled my cards from my Recon Force Extreme earlier this week for the first time. I was very impressed with the trigger speed and both the nighttime and daytime videos. I set it on a heavy traveled trail and was very impressed. I also have the Strike Force Pro and in my opinion this camera outperformed it except for distance in the IR mode. The Strike Force Pro reaches out a little further than the Extreme.
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By Woody S
I have Browning Strike Force Elite, Special Ops, Special Ops Platinum and Recon Force Platinum and have nothing but rechargables in any of them. My rechargables are kept in sets of four; some Energizer, Amazon, Tenergy and Powerex, all 2400 mah or more; those are also used in my 20+ homebrews. I will not buy non-rechargable batteries only to throw them away -- adding to the waste in the landfill and throwing money away. The only exception is for use in really long-term sets that I know won't be checked for at least six months, for those I reluctantly use lithium batteries -- but I hardly ever leave a camera that long.
By red sled
Thanks for your reply Woody. I feel the same way about single-use batteries.

I've used Ni-Mh batts for years in my Bushnells and Reconyx cameras so when I recently got a Browning I installed 8 rechargeables. The battery meter said a little over 50 percent battery charge left. I was hesitant to put out a new camera for three weeks in cold weather with aprox half a charge so I reluctantly bought some Lithium cells for it. Since you are having good luck with rechargeables in your Browning cameras I will try them next time.
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By Woody S
All of my Brownings are used to take videos. The most any of them has ever shown with with newly recharged batteries was a bit over 60%, normally they show somewhere in the 50s. When I change the batteries the camera usually shows a charge somewhere in the mid-30s. Since I normally check my cameras every month to six weeks, the batteries haven't been an issue. One camera went three months on rechargable batteries and was still taking a video when I checked it and changed the batteries.
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