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By JB22
The spring buckle holds very well, just as good as the cam buckle. The straps will hold the cam and box but there is a little play with the boxes but not so much with the custom1 box because the strap slots are more in the middle of the box.
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By csb
I use 2 nylon bushings. I just face them shoulder to shoulder . I also use a Nyloc type nut, that way once you set the desired drag you don't have to worry about the nut backing off.
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By Ol Arky
All my cameras except one are in security boxes... the one that's not get moved several time during the season and is attached with the strap that came with Moultrie cameras...
By picdic
I don't hunt private land. but even if I did I would probably still do this.
all my cams go into lock-boxes before they even get near the woods. and I rig the boxes with good quality rope attachments for tying to any tree. i'm not trusting any thin nylon strap with buckles to bears. but they also don't get hooked to a tree without a python lock as well.
they've all been attacked by bears and not even a scratch.
don't be complaining about theft if you haven't taken proper precautions to prevent it.
bottom line: DTA, don't trust anybody.
and sure, if a thief really wants a cam, nothing is going to stop him. it's not hard to just cut a tree down. but a deterrent usually goes a long way. a club on your steering wheel is enough to make a thief move on to an easier target.
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By bobcat
Get the longest boot shoe string you can find and tie a loop on one end. Use a cord lock to tighten it up.


"all my cams go into lock-boxes before they even get near the woods."

Yes indeed! Homebrews or commercial cameras, they're all in steel boxes - bears you know. Most of my cameras are homebrews in Pelican boxes which are then placed in modified steel 60 amp A/C disconnect boxes. My commercial cameras are in Camlockboxes but two new ones are also going in modified A/C disconnect boxes.

The boxes are tied to the tree with camo parachute cord and secured with Python locks. No, they won't keep a determine thief from stealing a camera, but they will keep a casual thief, vandal or bear from walking off with them or perhaps reduce the damage.
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I also have them with a 4" lag Screw where you can screw it right into a tree or fence post.

I have been using the swivels like posted here for about 10 years with my homebrews. The beam clamp on the t-post I have not seen before. That will will go into my hanger arsenal for sure.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their ideas!
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