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By CanadaJack
I've got 2 BTC-5HD-XV cameras that don't work. I can't read pics or videos using a Browning viewer. I've tried different SD cards, batteries and using video or pic modes. Sometimes I can read the first two videos and none of the rest, sometimes none. I had 131 pics on a card, wouldn't read any. I sent one camera back to Browning and they sent it back to me saying it worked for them. All my other cams work great, just the 2 XVs are doing this . Using Kingston 8gb cards and Everyready Energizer batteries. Am I doing something wrong or are these things junk. Any help appreciated.
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By bowhtr1
Don't remember where but I heard Kingston sd cards are a problem. I use nothing but sandisk, they work in everything.
But if they worked before they should still work. Do a full format on the computer, not quick format. Install new batteries and see what happens.
By CanadaJack
Am using Kingstons in all my other cams but will try Sandisk in these 2. Thanks!
By Tinhorn
my primos cams sometimes says "No CD" but like BowHunter said, "Do a full format on the computer, not quick format" and mine work again
By CanadaJack
Thanks bowhtr1 for the advice! Bought 2 Sandisk Exteme 16gb cards to try them, both cameras worked like a charm! Funny, I've got 12 other Browning cams and I'm using a variety of different cards in them and they all work fine. From now on when I replace cards they will be Sandisk. Thanks again!
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By wacokid
I’ve always had problems with the Kingston cards, I only use topram or patriot, minimum 8gb, and nothing less than class 10 speed.
By kellyguinn
I've been using the same 2 Browning cams now for 3 years and just now started to have a slight problem with picture reading but its normally 1 pic out of 500 or so. I have left these cams out in the elements since I purchased them and the battery life has been excellent. Ya might have just gotten a dud
By CanadaJack
No Kelly, it's all good now since I switched to Sandisk cards. I guess some models are more touchy about the cards they will accept.
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