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By red sled
Any opinions by Spec Ops Advantage owners ? Does the video have good color and contrast ? Day and night ?

Are the photographs colorful and good contrast or do they look "soft" ?
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By Woody S
Although I don't have one (Platinum is as new as I have), from what I've seen the day videos are every bit as good as the Recon Force Advantage. The Ir videos aren't as good as the Recon Force because the Special Ops is a no glow.

Can't give you an opinion on the still photos.

For what it's worth, here's TRAILCAMPRO's evaluation:

"Picture quality seemingly keeps improving each year on the Spec Ops line of Browning cameras. This year, we are seeing strikingly realistic color, very good clarity, and excellent overall daytime photos.

For a no glow camera, night pictures have impressive sharpness, contrast, and illumination. Keep in mind, anytime you go to no glow the night pictures/videos will be darker and grainier than their red glow counterparts. "
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By dbaxter
I have the Spec-Ops Advantage and I absolutely love mine! It takes excellent vids (in my opinion) and a selectable feature that I love is Smart IR Video where you can set it for say 10sec vids but if it detects movement it will continue to record. I use mine for videos only.
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By badjedi
I don't have the Spec Ops Advantage, but I do have the Recon Force Advantage which is the red flash as opposed to the black flash and it takes the best videos I've ever seen from a camera. The camera was set up in the open, so that's why the flash on the night video seems like a bubble. Here are a couple of examples for you.


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