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By ElmerKeith
I have an issue with my Browning Recon Force Advantage BTC-7A.

Temporarily I use this camera to surveille a crow in captivity which we found last year as a fledgling unable to fly. Because it was hurt at one leg and isn't able to use it as it should we still hold him/her in captivity. To watch his behaviour I sometimes mount a trail cam inside the aviary. Normally it is mounted below the ceiling but recently I changed it to mount it almost knee-high in the cage. Being an inquistive bird like all crows are he punched a tiny hole, 2 mm x 4 mm into the brown plastic cover of the sensor. This part of the camera cannot be opened manually. I fear the humidity will find its way into the camera through this tiny hole. Would it be o. k. to put a small strip of a translucent cellotape on the sensor to cover the hole? Afterwards I would refrain from mounting this camera again within reach of the bill of my black friend. Probably he would swallow the piece of cellotape and die.
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By Anthony
If its off to the side it may not affect your sensing that much. I have heard people use a glue called goop and place a dab over the hole a bit wider then allow to try.

Your sensing may only be affected a minor bit.

Another option is to look in home brew camera building supplies and find a new Fresnel but you have to find the right shape and possibly trim it down. Then no guaranty it will sense any better than the one you have as these lenses are magnifying glasses for IR light and light is concentrated on a small chip behind it.

I would seal it off with Goop glue or similar. I don't think you will notice much difference personally. Clear tape wont be much better than glue as the light is diffuse rather than focused on the PIR sensor chip.
By speed2spare
I believe Anthony has given you great advice. Just to add to it, Goop brand glue comes in a bunch of different varieties. Pick one that is UV resistant otherwise the sun will break it down. It will say right on the package if it is UV resistant. I believe sport, marine, and RV are all UV resistant.
By CanadaJack
I've got a small hole in one of mine too. I was thinking about using some clear silicone to seal it. You guys think that will work :?:
By CanadaJack
Thanks Anthony.
By talks2elk
I know this is a older post but, browning sells parts to repair your camera on their web site. I have replaced several sensor covers on my browning cameras. They are easy to repair.
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