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By picdic
once in awhile I glance at the trailcampro site, mostly to see sample pics and videos from cameras.
i bought a cuddeback a while ago, but returned it the following day. never even tried it, but bought it kind of on impulse, not knowing much about the brand. so i sat around that night, looking up everything i could on the cam. stuff i should have done prior to choosing a cam, but, like i said, it was an impulse purchase. well, everything i was finding, the night results were quite poor. for me, night quality is of utmost importance, so, i quickly returned it the next morning.
well, i'm on that site, and out of curiosity, i look up a couple brands that i know to be sub-par, just to see what their reviews of the cams are. on the cuddeback, they used to review them, but, now they have a message instead. they explain that cuddeback asked them to no longer test, review, or anaylze any of their cams. they even asked that they not even use their name on their site anymore.
that's pretty shady. i think. not wanting anyone to know their cam's weaknesses. censoring sites from letting the purchasing public know about the quality of their possible purchases.
i know this makes me that much more relieved with my decision to return the cam.
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By Anthony
Years ago I got a letter from their attorney "requiring" me to remove all information about Cuddeback and to no longer review their cameras. I ignored the letter but after a while people were no longer interested in their product anyway.

At one time they created their own support forum. We watched it religiously. any time someone would post a legitimate question about an issue that topic would conveniently disappear.

Then they Cuddeback created a topic as an announcement about Chasingame and wrote all these lies about myself and my father in law Bill... I mean total bovine pile of excrement giving quotes about who said this and that with warnings to people not to visit

It was unbelievable.
By picdic
wow! that's crazy. clearly they don't like hearing any negatives. that's all taking it way over the top though. sounds like they have babies running the company, not adults.
another site that is like that, is BFRO. it's a bigfoot site. but they are soo bogus. everything and anything is "proven" to be "legitimate" by their "investigators/researchers". they have a picture of rabbit tracks in the soft snow, going through a barbed wire fence, and there are deer tracks also in the snow. but those rabbit tracks are "confirmed" BF tracks, and he was for sure a certain size because of his strides and how he walked over the fence like it was nothing. and he was clearly hunting that deer. you can't even suggest anything on the site could be something else, they want no opposition or even contrary discussion. they'll just quickly ban a person if they don't tow the line.

i'm still shocked though, that a trailcam company would try to be so controlling. I never would have looked at another cam of theirs anyway, but now i'll be definitely steering others away from them for sure. even if they were an ok cam, they don't deserve the sales when they try to be so shady like that.
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