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By slay

I tried to run a few tests, but the info booklet is real small and even with bifocals I cant hardly make out the words written on the camera's dial interface. The instructions are plaguing me. It is written in some sort of new language that I do not understand. After 30 minutes of torture, I decided to tackle it tomorrow because I have to work all night. It reminds me of trying to program a leaf river camera......but much more "UN"user friendly. :roll:

This review is for Nan.... :lol: :P :geek:
You're very very very brave.
we are goin to fit a cape .
I will relinquish my cape to slay.
By talks2elk
looking forward to your review.......does the battery tray fall out of your cuddle ? :mrgreen:
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By slay
I like what they did with their PIR sensor width being adjustable.
I am anxious to see how good that works. They have made a lot of bold claims on this camera, none the least of which is automatic adjusting exposure times to prevent flash washouts and minimize blur.
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By stick33
I thought you were all done w/ reviews - lol! A week later a new LO8, & now a Cuddeback! :shock: :D
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By slay
Ummm, I ugh..ya know, was just, *ahem* well, I guess I um....what can I say...... :roll:
Sometimes, to quote an old Vulcan...."the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one" :wink:

BUT THAT"S IT....I AM DONE NOW. I think.....
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By slay
It's really hard to find anything I like about this camera. It took me over an hour and a half to figure out how to set it. :oops: At least I think it's set. I am trying my damndest to get past my puzzlement and not hold it against the camera that the manufacture uses such abstract trail camera terminology. Dwell= trigger delay. "P" = parameter (or setting). FAP or fast as possible, (means shortest trigger delay). There are no "up" or "down" arrows or an enter button in the menu. It is either button A or Button B. :shock: :roll:

I don't know if all Cuddes are like this, but their instructions are written like it's a sophisticated code that needs to be studied.
I really see why their customer base has dwindled over the years. They seem out of touch with my understanding of the known universe.

It is set now on wide angle in FAP mode to get it's workout. I have no idea how this is gonna go, or if the camera is even working. I will revisit this review in a few days.
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By slay
Could the instructions be that way because they are poor translations of original chinese instructions?
No, I do not think so. It is written that way because the company may be out of touch with us mere common mortals.
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