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By Kaiser878
Hello all.. I am new to the forum and joined with hopes of getting some help with an issue I have... I have a couple cuddeback capture flashes... The one has a burnt out flash bulb... I am looking to get a bulb to repair this... I have had the camera apart and realize it is hard wired to the circuit board... I have several computer builder buddies that can connect the flash component for me if I can find one...

Now the issue....Where can I get one? I would even buy a used cam for parts if need be.... any help would be appreciated...

By cclingma
I didn't end up having to purchase flash strobe for the Capture cams that I'm working on but I did find some online that I was thinking about trying. They were Xenon flash tubes with a max voltage of 400 I believe. They had them in various lengths so I was hoping I could find one that would fit and function properly. Not a complete answer to your question but maybe a place to start.
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