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By T-post
Very nice. I like the competitive price and the availability of a white strobe flash module. Also cool, is the ability to change to different delay times for day and night.
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By NantucketShedHunter
Is this the first Cudde that has picture burst?

Also, is Cudde the first trail camera company to have an automatic time change feature so you don't have to change the time twice a year?
By puhlw
This black flash camera testing thread I started kind of morphed into mostly a review of the new cuddeback camera. Thought I'd link it over here for easy access.

By puhlw
I know there has been some question whether you could add flash modules to the new cuddebacks later. I now have an e3 model which is just a black flash and the leds are hard wired to the unit unlike my c12 which has a flash module.
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