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By couesbuckhunter
Got my cuddeback e2 yesterday. Looks like one heck of a camera in the $150 price class. Very good quality, customer service, and features. I definitely had to look at the manual figure the camera out but that took maybe 10 minutes to do so. I took a couple sample pics last night close to the camera and there was no white out from the flash and the file sizes were around 870kb which is great. I will test it out more today in daylight and maybe look at building a box for it. If it meets expectations I will set it up in the mountains for Coues. I will keep you guys updated. I wrote a detailed first impressions review but I got logged out somehow so sorry if this is too brief.

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By Roscoe
Welcome to Chasingame! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the cam and seeing pics from the unit!

Also, anytime I compose any posts of length on any forum, I do a "select all" and then "copy" just in case there is a foul up with the forum or net while trying to post it. Nothing more discouraging than taking all the time to put a post together and then losing it and having to start over. If you have it copied and there is a problem, you can then just start over and "paste." :mrgreen:
By couesbuckhunter
Thanks Roscoe. I had an account here before under the username couesbuck16 but I forgot the password and do not use the email it was under anymore thus I created a new account. I just tested it daytime at 20mp and file size is around 2.4mb which is a lot considering the clarity is not much better than my covert mp6 @5mp.

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By Roscoe
That's a pretty good shot overall.

The thing about trailcamera companies advertising 12mp or 20mp pictures is a little misleading. So much of that is software driven with interpolation, meaning the actual hardware in the camera is far less mp than advertised and they use software programming to pump up the mp's. The size of the picture file can be influenced by how much image compression is used when the cam saves/writes the file to disk.

For example, I have several sony s600 homebrew cameras. They are 6mp cameras. Without any compression at all, a picture file from it should be 18mb's. Almost every pic I get from it at 6mp will have a file size of 2.7mb's. Now with your E2, you are talking about what is advertised as a 20mp picture coming in with a file size of 2.4mb's. So it's advertised as having better than 3x the mp's, but yields a slightly smaller file size. The stealth G42NG I have is being used in the 10mp setting and yields a 1.8mb file.

So, it's best not to get caught up with the mp ratings on these cameras. I think all these manufacturer's are misleading us to some extent in their advertising on this. In the end, your image looks pretty good to me and thats all that matters.

Edit: This is a pretty decent write up on mp's and mb's.
By couesbuckhunter
Thanks for the reply Roscoe. Very insightful and it makes sense. I love this forum because it seems like I learn something new each time I'm on here. I have no complaints with it for how much I paid. The trigger is very good and there has been no blur even with me running by so I am extremely impressed with that. I cant wait to set it up on a crossover area this week. Hopefully I will capture great pictures of some velvet coues and mulies.

Also, there is a noticeable filter clunk with this camera. I am not sure how spooky the deer will be with it but I am sure you or someone else knows how to fix it if it becomes an issue?
By couesbuckhunter
Is it just clunking on the first trigger after you set it up/turn it on each time? Just at transition times of the day? It's not doing it every it triggers is it?

When I turn it on and when it transitions from night to daylight, not every trigger.
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