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By Sus.scrofa
Hey guys!

I haven't posted on this board for a long while but now I need a little bit of help. I'm starting another monitoring project in a national parc and would like to add a whiteflash cam to my black and red flashes. It didn't take me long to decide that it's gonna be a Cuddeback but I'm torn between the Ambush and the Attack. The way I see it, the only difference is the batterylife which is better in the Attack. Do you guys have any experience how big the difference really is between these two?

Also, the flash range is 100 feet on the Ambush and 100+ feet on the Attack. Is there a real difference visible in the pictures? Anyone compared these two cameras? Here in Germany, the Attack would cost me about 65$ more than the Ambush so I'd like to know whether or not it's worth it...

Thanks very much in advance!

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By Mjn1979
If your wanting best pic quality with a white flash, then you might want to try a homebrew.There is also the new cuddeback c123 that has interchangeable flash modules.You get whiteflash, blackflash or red .ir.
Thank you! I've taken a closer look on the c123. Do you think the 20MP are for real or is this one of these interpolation things? I can hardly believe 20MP in a trailcamera. :shock: I'm a little concerned abot the half flash range though. Plus, it seems like this camera isn't available in the States yet? It will probably take a few more month until it will be available in Germany and I can't wait that long. :( It'll have to be installed around mid november...
Well, I wanted to get serious topday and buy a Cuddeback Attack - just because it has a better flash range. Before I did, I went to check the reviews on this camera and I'm getting really scared reading all these negative comments about them. :shock: This camera is supposed to be THE camera for scientists in Europe. But looking at the opinions of you guys, I'm wondering how that's possible. Never tried one myself and I'm reluctant to do so after reading these comments. That camera costs about 380$ over here. I'm not willing to risk that. I'll take a look at the homebrews, but getting them over here will probably cost me as much as a Reconyx. :(

Looks like I'll just have to pass on the whiteflash... :?
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