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By engine823
Has anyone on here attempted this with a stealth cam G42NG or G45NG ? This youtube video claims you can use a 1.5 or 2 watt solar panel with a 12 volt voltage regulator and hook it directly to your DC input and it will run on solar during the day and your battery pack at night, extending your battery life. I built the solar panel setup as he recommends and it did produce 12.1 volts in the shade.
I placed new batteries in my stealth cam and plugged in the solar panel. It didn't recognize the external source even though I confirmed it was putting 12.1 volts out. The lcd display on the camera still stated battery life was at 100%. I removed the battery pack from the camera and left the solar plugged in and the camera died.
If you all could watch this youtube video and give me opinions, please. He did state at the end of the video he had only tried it on a browning camera. The poster is ( The Handy Hunter )
I would have still thought it would have recognized the voltage coming in. Does the lcd display show External Battery when an external source is hooked up??
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