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By Carphunter
just posting here.

my 3g code blacks quit sending images sometime in Dec/Jan. My data plan was through 1/17/2019... and i renewed it in Jan.

Talked to covert, and they said att took the servers offline that used to relay these photos.

So.. .called att, expecting to be told "tough." but.. .they said they will cancel the service and refund the remainder of the year (so like a 16 day pro rate).

I'll just keep the world posted if they pay off.

posting this so that maybe others who would have just gone ahead and updated their plans my stop and investigate first.
By Carphunter
I can't say what the deal is... basically covert told me att must be phasing out the servers that relayed the pictures from cams to our sms/email. i don't know if it varies by area, etc.

covert did tell me that if att wouldn't refund...they'd give me a replacment sim to run the cam the way their new ones do through their system. the rep i spoke to, though, couldn't tell me how that would work out (price of what i had paid att, vs what they'd give me for service)
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By LibbyLA
I have quite a few 3G AT&T Spartan cameras that are working fine. This is both the older ATTb and ATTi (not video capable) and the ATTxb (video capable).

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