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At&t Gocam's quit downloading pics on the android Mobile App. This has been a problem since the Amazon server went down a few day ago. Can communicate with app and cams, get status reports, Manage Cam, get pic's through email, everything works except downloading pic's with the app. the error msg is " Error downloading photo:910-thumbnail for photo does not exist". Everything works online like it should. Same problem on 3 different phones, 3 different numbers, 3 different accounts. 3 Verizon Phones.

Any Ideas?
Your pics are probably on the portal and there is a backlog from the server being down the other day. I would suggest you go to the portal, view the photos and then delete the ones that weren't sent to the app. That should eliminate the 910 error.
Does anyone experience this issue right now? I mentioned it started a couple of days ago, maybe on Thursday, but I thought it was a certain bug from my phone or something like that. However, I tried to do the same thing a couple of hours ago, and I still couldn't do it. Is it about their darn servers again, or is it an issue that only I'm facing right now? After seeing that I could not send the darn picture, I deleted it by mistake and was afraid that I couldn't restore it. However, I used, and I got it from the darn AT&T servers.
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