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By RR_Security
Hmm; either I've never seen a cam setup program requiring that info, or it was all added as soon as the carrier was selected.

The Server Name and APN should be the same as what Pat said in the reply I linked to above. The only thing different I could find is that the port would be 9201. If it doesn't like the Gateway IP that Pat listed, try The "wap.cingular" should be lower case, but you're probably already doing that.

I ran across an eBay Guide and something in Yahoo Answers that had essentially the same information about the port and IP.
Hope that helps.
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By T-post
Just bought the new 880-8m and the MMS works perfect. So i am trying to figure out the GPRS settings. help please?

I too have been curious about operating in GPRS mode, but haven't had the time to figure out if it's possible and how to do it. I've got the Covert Code Black; who makes the 880-8m? Have you tried contacting customer service?
By 3000gt
Scoutguard is the manufacturer (SG880MK-8M) . Glad I'm not the only one who can't figure this out. I've actually made some progress but my camera hangs up on step 3 while attempting to send.
By pauloparoribeiro
Hello 3000gt,

I just got my SG550-8M and faced the same problem at ˜step 3˜ while trying to use the GPRS feature.

Which "email user" format are you using on PROFILE.INI? You must use your complete email address, with, for example:

[GPRS Setting]
Port= 25
APN= your mobile phone provider
Account= your mobile phone provider account
Password= your mobile phone provider password
Email user=
Email password= email's password

Unfortunately, I am facing now a problem at "step 10" (Error 530: Network Busy). I am trying to find any post here at the forum.

Paulo Ribeiro
Sao Paulo - Brazil
I'm on day 3 ,between faulty remote withonly 6 working buttons and a manual that forgot to to tell us instant needs to happen once to allow profiling.ini to be created. Would you guys mind letting me know by pm how you know know the stage that the send fails ? AD
My unit has been idle since mms option was too expensive to run and GPRS opyion which looks like perfect solution with unlimited data active , yet it has never worked a day with a myriad of tries .Idefigo thru vodafone will soon have this with all the settings done by carrier .price however at 1000 euro will make this prohibitive to most of u s.

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