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By tntractor
Thanks for the input.
I went ahead and ordered the DLC Covert antenna.
I'll try to give some feedback after I try it out.
Thanks again for the thorough, concise responses.
By tntractor
I wanted to post an update about my reception issues.
I bought the DLC Cover Omnidirectional antenna and its worked great.
I now get adequate reception at my favorite green field site and have posted a couple of pics here. (didn't post pics, can't get it to work)
I'm really pleased with the reception but not so much with what I discovered this morning!

Now I'm having some new problems with my UM562 that I'll put in a new post. Hope you experts can help me!
By vzretiree
Have been having a problem where it logs in, but will not send photos. Now I don't leave until I get a text pic on my Verizon cell phone from the camera. I assume it's just iffy reception like a cell phone will ring but you cannot have a conversation.
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