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By Gforce
You should be able to add the line no problem. I would have done it with our AT&T family plan if I did already have 5 phones on it. Could've got the unlimited text just by adding the $9.99 line.

I'm hoping All the mfg's will utilize Verizon, so we can have choices. If Verizon offers a better signal at deercamp, I'd have no issue with going with them at all.

Man, I thought 3 phones on the family plan was the limit! my UM562 is on a gophone account costing $25 every 3 months. If a mms cam comes out that will use Band 17 (700Mhz) then you should get a connection that is better than 850Mhz. That is if AT&T has a license for that band in your area. That should also solve the email/mms problem.


All depends on how AT&T at that time views Data and what they consider data, or MMS for a plan.

None of this solves the problem if they shut down the email option. The only thing one can do if things stay the same is get a plan with data, and that won't be a GoPhone plan, or just get MMS on your phone.
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By Roscoe
That may very well be right. On family plans with shared data, the extra line would be good to go. But, on my current family plan data is done by phone, so it could be looked at exactly like these pay as you go accts from the texting stand point.
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By Gforce
Looks like I may be looking at Cams soon that will be able to use some of the WIFI SD cards. I understand a few of them will have the option of powering the SD slots so the WIFI SD cards will work.

I see a Verizon option on the horizon, WIFI will free me from AT&T forever. :mrgreen:
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