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By Gforce
I'm still not getting pictures delivered to my e-mail. The camera is sending to text no problem as we type.

Try setting it to send to email only, I did this and it would send to the email address. If it's set to send to both Email and phone it wouldn't send to email, only phone. I suspect they have placed some form of message timing delay on the gateway and the cam has no way to adjust for the timing delay.
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For almost three years I had it set to send to both text and e-mail and it did both up until a few days ago. Now it won't send to e-mail.
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By Gforce
Just spent 1 hour on the phone with AT&T technical support and they don't have a clue, they say there network is fine and no changes have taken place. I ask them then why did 100s maybe 1000s of Cams all over the country just stop sending pictures to email when Phone and Email were both selected in Cam setup program. The good news is this problem is being escalated to the Network Engineer and support team. They say they will call me in a few days for more information or a resolution for the problem.
Thank you Gforce for taking the time to contact AT&T.
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By Gforce
Me thinks before this is over Little Acorn, HCO, DLC and whoever uses the same modem and similar software in their MMS Cams are going to have to get their Software Engineers together and hash this out with AT&T. I suspect a Software Update is in our future. :shocked:

In any case it seems from the testing I have done you can send either "MMS to Email" or "MMS to Phone" but not both at the same time.
Gforce, my camera sends to text and e-mail both at the same time.
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By Gforce
After you run the setup you can go to the Cam menu under the GSM tab and select Phone. Email or Both. We already know "Both" don't work right now so if you want it to email select "Email". This is for a Code Black, I would think it should be the same on other cams also.

One other tid-bit I picked up while on the phone with AT&T, they are going to shut down all 2g service in 2 years so all our Cams will be Dumb Cams after that. If you are going to buy a new Cam make sure it is 3g compatible in the future.
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By Roscoe
I thought it had to have one cell # programmed in and that one automatically got a text. I'd actually rather not get a text. I'd like it better if it just went to my gmail acct. The text is actually a waste to me. When it's been working right, both the text and email hit my phone simultaneously.
I have it sent to text so I know the camera has a signal and is transmitting in the area I put it in before I leave.
Gforce, I understand now what you are talking about regarding sending pictures to both text and e-mail at the same time.
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