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By rgilley
Tim, the fresnel lens breaks the pir beam up into a bunch of smaller detection beams. I don't know all the scientific details of how it works but basically it is like a bunch of laser pointer beams spread out in different directions. The way they are spread over an area is dependent on the design of the fresnel lens. It may be only a few feet difference when you are driving in vs. when you are driving out but maybe that minor difference is putting you in between beams on the way in but you are in the detection beam on the way out.

No, this isn't correct. There are no beams. A PIR does not transmit at all (P stands for passive). Nothing at all like laser pointers. The earlier post about narrower beam equaling greater detection was also incorrect.

Animals give off heat. The heat is in the IR range. I comes of animals in all directions, like a "warm glow". It travels to the camera where it hits the PIR lens. The lens focuses the beam on the windows on the PIR sensor. As the animal moves, one window will get more than another window from the lenses focal point(s). This difference in IR in the window causes a differential signal corresponding to the movement.

I did not know that was exactly how it worked, very impressive. I am sure glad we have an engineer on the forum. Brian, is your engineering degree in electronics? You are sharp as a tack.
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By bowhtr1
Ok this thing worked until 1230 this morning, then nothing. No response to 500 code, nothing. Went out there today passed 5 ft from it and went to the back to another camera. No pics of me passing. Went back to cam turned it off then back on, waited to get signal and had 4 bars where I had one yesterday. Sun is out. Ok thinking everything is good. Set it and it took pic of me leaving and then I did the 500 code and got several pics. ??? Thinking maybe it is sending the ones from earlier 500 codes sent. Waited for 15 mins and sent 500 code again and nothing. Went back and drove to it two foot in front and waited 5 mins. Nothing. Installed the booster antenna and it is working again for now. It had 4 to 5 bars with the booster antenna. ???? Looks like more testing to be done. :( On a good note we had more rain and no water in it. :)
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By LibbyLA
I'm probably just going to hook ours up to the trucker antenna and not set the trap until we've had some experience with it.

Tim, I hope you figure out what the problem is. It's so annoying when the thing flakes in and out.
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By bowhtr1
I'm probably just going to hook ours up to the trucker antenna and not set the trap until we've had some experience with it.

Tim, I hope you figure out what the problem is. It's so annoying when the thing flakes in and out.

I think that would be smart.
Just got a pic from the cam and it is a whiteout. :( ????
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By bowhtr1
After putting the booster antenna on it is still working like it should. Transition pics are almost total whiteouts.
By BrianWI
True, there are no beams given off I was just using that word to explain that the sensing area is NOT a blanketed area, the entire sensing zone isn't completely covered from the far left to the far right, there are areas of detection (like beams starting at the pir and radiating out) where the temperature is sensed. These areas are different for every type of fresnel lens depending on shape and layout. My point was that maybe on the way in the vehicle wasn't in a sensing zone (beam) and one the way out it was. ... -pirs-work

As far as narrower beam equating to greater detection distance a detection area that is 65 degrees wide will generally have a longer sensing distance than one with a 90 or 120 degree sensing area all else being equal. With the homebrews a .65 fresnel was narrow and bullseye looking but would reach way out there, beyond the flash at night. The wide angle fresnels give much more width but decreased distance, still beyond the flash sometimes but not so far that you couldn't see glowing eyes at night. Now you can adjust the detection by changing the distance that the fresnel is in front of the pir, moving it in and out will change the detection area in both width and depth depending on the fresnel lens.

Those examples are poor, likely the problem. The action is all in the lens design. I really dislike those.
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By bowhtr1
I think stuck ir filter... :?:

Cant be that, day pics are good.
It is still working today but when I send the 500 code I get two pics back each time taken one min apart. ????? I do have the cam set on 3 shot burst. I have no idea why its doing that.
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By LibbyLA
It is still working today but when I send the 500 code I get two pics back each time taken one min apart. ????? I do have the cam set on 3 shot burst. I have no idea why its doing that.

Ours is doing that, too! I'm calling them "bonus" photos :mrgreen:.

So far, I have sent #500# six times and I have gotten two photos timestamped one minute apart four of the six times.

Ours is set to take three in sequence, too.

This isn't a huge problem for us because we have unlimited text, but it could be a big problem for the people who are on plans with specific numbers of messages per month.
By sovasovik
well I have a plan for 25 e on 2000 mms per month and now 2013 code black is pumping about 1200-1300 per month .
the new one 2014 will go over my plan a lot. :evil:
Im thinking that one pic. is send on 2g and the other on 3g becouse you have it set to auto. just me thinking :mrgreen:
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By LibbyLA

Nope, it's not one photo being sent twice, It's two photos taken just over a minute apart.




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By Gforce
No love so for in getting this thing to send over data, I've tried everything but still won't send pics, just comes up with "1000 Network Busy" msg. Called AT&T to get them to check on account and they said everything was find on the IMEI and data was enabled for the SIM and no blocks. I suspected this because when I put the SIM in a phone Data, Email, SMS, and MMS work just fine. Looks like a call to DLC is in order to find out the SMTP settings to use for the cam. I hate to say this but it looks like the data software side of this is broke. I set up a proper SMTP server in the setup and all I got was "1000 Network Busy", I setup AT&T's SMTP server and all I got was "1000 Network Busy". I'm going to pull the SIM and put it in the 2013 cam and work with it and see if I can get data to work. If I can then we will know it the new cam with the problem.
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By bowhtr1
The more we play the more questions come up. If I have mine set for both 3g or 2g I wonder if it is sending both ways but waiting on one to finish then do the other. Just thinking out loud. Gforce, You would think getting the data plan working would not be that hard. I would defiantly call them. If Libby is calling on the two pic thing I will not call yet.
Mine is still working good as far as sending but I have no action in front of the camera. Nothing but water. River is over flood stage covered my food plots.
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By LibbyLA

Check the timestamps on your double pics. I think you'll find that they are different, so it's not a case of the same photo being sent both 3G and 2G.

I've had one #500# fail, one more with two photos, and three with one photo. The last three are whiteouts <sigh>. (I am documenting all #500# photos in a spreadsheet.)

I'm not quite ready to contact Covert yet. I'm trying to collect data first. I will probably either email or talk to them later this week when I have more information to share with them.
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