Use this forum for the discussion of all things related to the use of cellular trail cameras. The discussion of different models/manufacturers, service providers, problems, tips & hints for ease of use are all welcome here.
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By 27jr
All good, I noticed the camera isn't up per the log in as it's not shown up yet. Again the email after excepting and paying for the month since I'm trying it out did state it would take 24 hrs. Hopefully it will be up and running today so, I can see how things work compared to the 2015.
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By Roscoe
10-4, let us know. Best of luck with it!

Only way to be sure of proper function (transmission success) is to compare SD card to what is actually showing up on your app.

Edit: unless you are testing with time lapse. It that case you could watch interval between pictures and be pretty certain you are getting everything.

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