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I have my red flash beside the house and noticed after dark tonight that after it flashes to motion I can see through the clear array glass a greenish blink of what appears to be an led. I never have noticed this before and thought I would be lazy and just ask you guys.

Thanks TT
I sent mine back for that. See this thread.
Mine might be different. It seems to send pictures okay. What I saw was after dark I walked in front of the red flash Spartan. The array flashed and then I noticed a faint almost blinking green glow inside the array clear glass. It almost just seemed tgat it was blinking green as it sent the picture. But I am not sure
Sounds like the same green light. I don't see mine through the led. I see it through the test light hole. Mine worked fine also but it scared off the deer.
It's the light of the wireless transmission indicator inside the camera. It gets through the light metering sensor light guiding. If this light bother you, you can contact HCO and have that LED covered. But DO NOT cover the light metering sensor window.
Thanks for the info, I can't see the green led in 3 of my 6 Spartan cams I have checked so far. I am really loving these Spartan At&T cams the housing/case design feels very solid built, premium app and website are great, flash range/pictures are the best I've seen in a cell model and battery life is impressive for a cell system.

I've owned pretty much every cell model ( except buckeye and reconyx models) on the market since the first day they hit the market many years ago. Truth be told these cell cams can drive a guy crazy! I've found out over the years a lot of times the ATT service is more of the issue than the cameras themselves.

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