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By Mjn1979
Just wanted to update my battery life on my codeblack I got from LibbyLA. Using alkaline utilitech batteries from lowes, the camera sent just over 2100 pics in 3 months. The other night I got a text message from cam saying low battery. The next day, I got an email from at&t about my balance expiring soon, which I promptly added 25 dollars to renew. The cam didn't send any pics until I went up last night and swapped batteries. It had default to send mode off after receiving the low battery text. I'm eventually gonna set this cam up with rechargeable batteries and solar panel to maximize time in the field. My other codeblack is setup with a 6 volt 12 ah and rechargeables.
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By LibbyLA
Nice! We just put out some of those 12 Ah batteries on four of our cameras. Can't use solar panels, though, because the cameras are all set up in the forest, so not enough sunlight to charge batteries.
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