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By code1
Just thought I would post a short update on the custom one solar battery/panel setup I've been running on one of my AT&T Spartans. I have this setup 10ft high in a security box with angle mount. The solar setup facing S/W receiving very good sunlight during the day and the camera averages 3 bars cell plus sending around 25 to 35 1280x960 pictures a day. The setup has been out over a month now( No real cold weather yet) and battery has never dropped below 5.7v or P5 on camera.

Also 'real time' setting is turned off.

So far I'm pretty happy with this setup this first Solar setup I have tested and I like what I have seen so far. Zero maintenance!

I have a few cameras on internal battery only they have already had to have battery changes and the rest of my Spartans are on 12ah external setups.

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By NantucketShedHunter
Are you charging internal rechargeable batteries or an external?
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By code1
The Spartan camera has plain old Rayovac Alkaline Pro's internal, the solar panel has a built-in internal SLA battery which the solar panel charges. The camera draws power from the solar/battery setup first the camera alkaline internals if needed as a backup.

I'm very interested to see how long the setup will run without me having to touch anything. I've been told if you get good sunlight, real time off and a dozen or two pictures a day the system should run a very long time. I've read where guys get extended periods of no sun and they reduce picture size and increase Pic delay time etc. etc. to lower battery use until better sunny weather for solar panel.

So far weathers been normal here mostly sunny and very little cold weather below 32 degrees. ... es_002.htm" target="_blank" target="_blank

Its a Moultrie 6vt unit with chucks custom cord attachment. Also I added a adjustable mount the unit itself has a tripod hole built in and it needs something to help mount it on tree well.
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By ilovemycam
Shen use the solar panel, for the best results:

    Turn off real time control
    Use 640X480 resolution
    Use 3MP for original size so if you request for the originals it won't consume too much power
    Photo burst at 1
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