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Hello and thank you to all the members that have provided valuable information on setting up their cameras. I am presently using the Verizon Spartan GoCam to monitor my remote property that has a cabin with no power. Over the last two months I have been using my camera with a solar option and set my triggers to take a photo at 9am and 4pm, with a status report at 8pm. So far, everything has been great.

Recently, I wanted to try out the Real Time option since I knew that a storm was approaching. However, when I tried to turn on Real Time control, I received an error message stating that I needed to visit the GoWireless Web Portal and input a phone number for my camera. However, on the Web Portal the phone number is blank, and will not allow me to enter into Real Time mode. I am aware that the Verizon camera has an IP address and some other settings, but is there a phone number?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
In order to use real-time control, the web portal must know the phone number associated with the camera. You'll need to call HCO to get yours since you are using Verizon.

For those of us using AT&T, the phone number is listed in the device information on our DataConnect account.

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