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By rebbie
I have had a 2014 code black now for the last two years and it has worked fairly well except for the whiteout photo issue. I contacted Covert last week to see if they could fix the whiteout photo issue. I have a feeling they have no fix for it because they offered to upgrade me to a 2016 model for $75. The 2016 model has a 12 megapixel camera and I'm hoping no more whiteout photo issue. I decided to go for it. I got a RA# and sent my camera back. They tell me that new 2016 model will not be ready until sometime around the end of March and as soon as it is available they will ship it out to me. I am thinking probably not until April or May but I am fine waiting as long as it can have it ready to go by mid summer. I am told it will come with a Sim card and I can activate the camera online at Cover't website. I will not have to contact AT&T at all they tell me. That go phone plan was a pain in the neck having to call every month To get my text message package renewed. I will report back later when I get it and let everyone know how well it works. That new Covert Windtalker looks nice as well as the Verizon Blackhawk. I have always wanted a Verizon wireless trail camera and I might get the Blackhawk later this year.
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By rebbie
Good to know Roscoe. Thanks.
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