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By huthut
I have a 2 month old att spartan gocam blackout. It was taking pics great and then a couple days ago stopped.

Went out today to pick it up -- all it does when I turn the switch to setup is a white screen. I have another one that is still working great.

Any thoughts on what to do first? I left the spartan gocam team an email.

Did you try different batteries? Not sure if that would cause the white screen but it's easy enough to try. If that doesn't do it you'll have to wait for a reply from the manufacturer and probably send it in for a looksee.
By huthut
Yup tried new batteries and no different. Havent heard anyone else with this problem on any forum so I am guessing it will need to be shipped in for warranty work.

I will keep you all posted on it goes.
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By ilovemycam
Is the rubber black gasket on top of the camera still there?
By huthut
Yes, gasket is in place on antenna and case.
By huthut
I have had great technical support during the set up phase of my two cameras so I am sure they will help me out quickly on Monday. Just sucks as I love getting my pics from these spartan gocams. It is addictive seeing pics in real time.

Hopefully they can get it fixed ASAP as antlers are starting to fall and I want to follow the antler drop this year and time my shed hunting so I can the antlers before the rodents do!! :D
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By ilovemycam
Before do anything else, try to reload the firmware on the camera to see if it will help. Go to the firmware download page on, find the correct one for you camera and load it to see if it help.
By huthut
Just to make sure I am following directions correctly ----To do the firmware update you are talking about --- I need to connect the camera via cable to my computer and then go to my go wireless premium account and find tab with firmware update.

You shouldn't have to connect the camera via a cable to your computer. Just load the update on a clean SD card and then install it in the camera. But without a viewing screen you are out of luck when you are to follow prompts.
By huthut
Yeah -- I think you are right. I found on the website how to manually load the firmware. With the screen not working I can not format card and or follow any menus. So no sure how the recommendation from Ilovemycame to update firmware is possible. Thought maybe something associated with cable but can not find anything. Did get all my pics off the SD card to be safe.
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By ilovemycam
Before you turn the camera to setup, you will need to press and hold the playback button. When you turn the camera to setup, it will update by itself. You don't really need the screen.

Or after you copy the file to the SD card, LOCK the card and insert to the camera, turn the camera to setup. It should load as well.
By huthut
Thanks for the guidance -- will try
By huthut
How long do I need the playback button after I move the switch to setup?
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