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I set my second Spartan GoCam on 1080p to see what kind of videos I could get. All I can say is Wow they are the worst videos I have seen on any camera. Ok you are thinking that it only takes 720p. Yes it says that on the box but in the menu I have a 1080p setting. So I ran back out and set it for 720p. Worst 720p video I have ever seen. I really doesn't mean much since I need it for pictures but this camera is useless for anything but wireless pictures. So if you buy this thinking about video when you turn off the wireless for the off season, forget about it. I guess I could have a bad one. I will check my other one in the next week or so. I have some examples for you.

1080p first

Your videos are much better but they are darker like they must not be using all the leds at night in video mode. Mine have these vertical lines all the way across the video day and night. It shows up really good on my computer with a 21 inch screen. Its the same lines you get when you ask for a night HD picture from your camera. I don't know why mine has a 1080p setting in the menu either. ?? I guess I need to set this one for pictures to make sure they are good.
Also the sound is worthless since you have to have it so loud to hear anything that the white noise is unbearable. I cant stand the awful thunk at the beginning of each video.
Weird. I don't bother setting to hi res (1080p). Can't be good for battery life and there's nothing I need to see large and high quality.

The sound on ours is fine, except for that annoying "clunk" but I can edit that out, no problem. I guess they could program the camera not to start recording for the first half second or something, but then someone would complain about that. The crow cawing in one of my videos makes me think I'm at the camp. Don't have to have the sound turned up or anything and that crow was who knows where. Also, the rain noise was audible.

This is the only camera I've done video with so I don't know whether your camera is the anomaly or mine is, or whether it's a cell/non-cell thing or a Verizon camera thing.
I guess I need to check my other one. I will try it out on Monday.

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