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By LibbyLA
That's not a foreign language :mrgreen: . That's standard "filler" text that's used when you are formatting documents, websites, etc., so you get the "look and feel" without having to provide your own text. That's likely where the web portal will be when it's done. Right now, there's a web address and a test/demo landing page.
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By Roscoe
From what I'm hearing this morning, it sounds like there is a "few weeks" of testing still to go before release to the general public. I'm guessing the app availability is just an easy way to get it out to the testers.

You can call Covert and get on a list if you have 2015-2016 cell cam. When testing is done they will send you a new SIM card. You then update camera firmware.
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By LibbyLA
It may be Latin, but it's the text you see for automagic filler. I can't read it or understand it but I've seen it used for decades :mrgreen:.
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By Roscoe
Latest word on the covert app from a user over at Texas Bowhunter:

"I talked to Covert today. The AT&T app is not ready. They were having problems with Verizon so they focused on that app first. Now that is resolved they will be working on the AT&T app to finish it. She expects it to be 2-3 weeks.

Once the app is live you will have to register for data coverage with Covert, obtain a new Sim card from Covert (free I believe) and install a new firmware on your camera.

I put my name on a notification list so they will call or email once it is ready to roll. "
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By llbts12
Roscoe, forgive my ignorance, but am I going to be paying Covert $15. + a month to use their app? If you don't mind, can you explain how this is going to work? I pay ATT now, I guess that now goes to Covert? ATT is $25. for 3 months. Is this how the other cellular apps work?
I may be wrong, but this doesn't seem like a good deal.
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By Roscoe
I'm not sure about Covert pricing. I'm paying around $11.50/month total with tax for ATT and the GoApp. So that's about $50/yr more to run a covert cam as opposed to a spartan. We have 3 Spartans and I'm going to add a 4th by summer. That's $200/yr difference in the two plans. That's pretty serious camera money to me.
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By Mjn1979
I'm wondering how well there new cell cam that sends 5 second video clips will fare. From the info I have read, covert seems to have a whole new design with more features this year. May have to try one of there new cams thus year.
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