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By rebbie
Rebbie, You can go to the HCO site and register ahead of time, I think I even entered my MEID number and did everything except register. That way once you're set up with Verizon it's faster to get going. If you didn't get free credits for premium where you bought the camera buy a few of those too, you'll need them. Also, don't forget when going through the set up to turn the settings to instant and premium,or it won't work, trust me I know :mrgreen: (hit the OK button too) . Change that daily limit to zero as well. I'm going to PM you my cell number if you need anything give a hollar, texting might be better because if I'm in the shop I won't be able to hear anything.

Thanks Johnny. I got your PM. I am getting my camera directly from HCO. I will definitely contact you if I have any issues. Amazing how nice everyone here has been in helping me out! Thanks again!
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