Use this forum for the discussion of all things related to the use of cellular trail cameras. The discussion of different models/manufacturers, service providers, problems, tips & hints for ease of use are all welcome here.
I am working through how to best use the 9 GoCams that I have out and am interesting in how other users are setting up their GoCams.

Second question: What rechargeable AA batteries are you using inside the GoCam and what has been your experience with them? For me, they will serve primarily as backup to my external 10-amp-hr battery packs.

I am currently testing some "Eneloop Pro" (also known as "Eneloop XX") that I already own and charging them with LaCrosse BC-700 chargers.

Thanks, Bob
I've used everything from tenergy, eneloop and imedion and all have worked well. I have used them on their own as well as with an external SLA. They don't get the life of alkaline or lithium but work just fine.
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By Roscoe
I'm using imedions in my GoCams in conjuncture with external batteries/solar panels. I ran mine exclusively on imedions for many months after I got them. They worked fine but just didn't have the lifespan I needed 90 miles from home. I just don't have the time to get out there enough using only internal batteries unless they are lithium, and that's way too darn expensive in a cell cam.
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By rebbie
I don't plan on using anything else but the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries. I am testing it now to see what kind a lifespan I can get out of the batteries before I deploy it in the woods this summer. Last year my 2014 Code Black sat in the woods for months sending pictures to me. Batteries never failed me. I know they are expensive but if you're not going to use some kind of back up charging system they are the only way to go.
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By Roscoe
I ran ultimate lithiums in one of my GoCams a couple times last summer, and I want to say that I got 1300-1400 pics each time. Now that was sending the larger 1280x960 pics and real time off. During the summer I'm getting so many pictures that actual run time on a set was only 4-6 weeks. If I had been sending the 640x480 pics, I have no doubt it would've sent 4000-5000 and lasted several months. I'm fortunate in that the 5 places I like to use the GoCam all have good southern sun exposure. I've had really good luck running the cameras with the little $59 solar panel w/battery pack onboard.
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By rebbie
Roscoe. Thanks for the information. I plan on running my camera at the low resolution of 640x480. I also will run it with real time off. I plan on sending my camera out to my friends farm this summer in Iowa. He lives about an hour and a half away and frequents his farm throughout the year. Even though the camera will be 1100 miles from me he can always replace the batteries for me if need be. I'm so excited to see how it works this year! I should have some great pictures to show everyone later this summer! Thanks again for your input .
I get the same results as Roscoe with lithium batteries. On cameras that will be moved around a lot I use either lithium or rechargeable. On the cameras that I leave in one place for an extended amount of time I started using sla batteries. They last much longer (not sure how much longer because they are still going) and the battery, charger, case and cable cost about as much as two or three sets of lithium batteries. A few of these sets I'm trying solar panels.

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