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By R4P
I got a pair of Gocams delivered today - they are the ATT-B model, solid color case. Opened one of them tonight.

I was a little surprised to see that this cam only had Lite or Premium methods to send. I bought a session via ATT and was able to get the Lite to work with the SMTP info. No Auto option, which caught me off guard.

I want to do Premium, but after changing the send to, to Premium, I click OK to register and it doesn't do a darn thing - doesn't show the screen saying the cam is registering. I'm sitting on 5 bars of service and have successfully sent pics to my email address already.

I also noticed that I don't see a single place where there are any "diagnostics." I have to assume I am missing something obvious, the firmware is out of date, or something is wrong with the cam.

I was hoping setup was going to be as easy as people say it is here. Any suggestions? Calling into HCO is going to be difficult for me this week due to work hours, so I'm really open to suggestions!
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By LibbyLA
I have a sneaking suspicion that the problem is old firmware, based on Lite and Premium.

Go here to download the firmware to an SD card and apply it manually. Once you get the cameras updated to the current firmware, you won't have to do it manually again.
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By LibbyLA
One of the first things I do with a new GoCam is update the firmware.... Ditto for any electronics I get. Just got a brand new Kindle Oasis (first day they have been available) and it did an update when I turned it on.
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