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By llbts12
I admit that I jumped the gun. I read about some of the issues with the 2016 models and the new web portal, but I went ahead and signed up for service, paid, upgraded my 2015 Black Ops. They took the money several days before the new service was available. The camera finally started working correctly for 3-4 days, but then stopped sending pictures when I would request them. I got in touch with Covert and gave them my information on my camera. 1st level tech support could not figure it out, so they said it had to be sent to the next level. That was early last week. I was told that someone would get back in touch with me by phone. I still have heard nothing.
April 30th, Covert charges me another 9.99 for service for a camera that doesn't operate correctly for what I am paying for.
Does anyone else 2015 work correctly? Take picture request?
I will pay this month, but if it's not fixed pretty quick, I am going to have some issues with Covert.
Please keep us posted, I have three 2015 Black Op's that running good now sending to via text... I don't want to upgrade to the Portal until Covert inevitably makes it mandatory. Let us know if they get it right on your 201. My 2016 code black was working great for a week, now its dead 1000 miles away, but Ill save that rant for another post.
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By mattpatt
I have two 2015s that I have upgraded. One responds to requests almost always. The other is right the opposite. Almost never. I think I've narrowed it down to signal strength and have a external antenna I'm going to try. The service itself has been pretty stable for the last week or so. Have received many pics from all three of my cams.

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By rebbie
I have my 2016 Code Black up and running again after it sat at my Dad's house for a week. My brother was never able to get over to my Dad's house to pick it and set up in his backyard for turkeys. It seems to still be running good! Taking photos with motion and taking photos when you request a photo. Very happy for now!
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