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Yea I was going to say that they would probably tell you that you need a separate plan for each camera. Makes sense. I have the $9.99 plan for now which works out good for me. I think the 14.99 plan would give you 5000 pics a month. I might go with that plan one day. We shall see how well the camera continues to work.
The only way I can figure out how to put a cam on a different plan is to make separate logins for each one. That sux because you can't monitor multiple cams on different accounts that way with the app. You can only be logged in to one at a time. If you put them all under one account like I did you can't select different plans but you can monitor all your cams. Danged if you do danged if you don't. BTW.. In my case I'd be tempted to put one of my cams at the $3.99 plan as I use this one primarily over my hog trap to see if I have caught any hogs. Once I know there's hogs in the trap, I shut it down to keep from being spammed with pics of pigs running around. Just for the record. Cams have been rock solid over the last couple of weeks. Just in case Covert sees this... LOL

Don't want to be labeled as a "complainer."

Oh yeah.. The view from my hog trap...


^ I admit I brought to her attention some of your concerns/issues and dilemmas.

Yeah, we have been e-mailing back and forth as well.

Yeah, we have been e-mailing back and forth as well.


Matt, what email address are you using? I sent an email yesterday with a question and haven't heard back.
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