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By johnnydeerhunter
That's great, thanks. I'm going to have to get going on my array now (when I get some free time) My concern was the driver being able to turn the leds on quick enough but you seem to be having great results. Is yours a 6v or 12v setup?
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By mattpatt
I hate that I'm saying this but for someone who doesn't already have all the electronics to build one of these wouldn't it be cheaper to buy one of those 100 led Spypoint wireless black flash extenders? I think they're around $100 or so maybe less if you shop around. I have the red blob version of it and they work pretty good. I love building stuff too just trying to figure out the advantages of building versus buying. By the time I buy the array board from FMJ, the slave blaster from RC Davis, the LED from ebay, the case and battery plus shipping from two or three different places I'm going to be close to the $100 mark if not over.

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By johnnydeerhunter
I have the wireless blackflash spypoint booster and it works great. Like you I 8) like building and since I have most of the stuff already......
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By bobcat
You need to sell these to us forum members......... :D
I'm sure they are made much better than Chinese junk.
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By Fl_Cracker
I'm sure they are made much better than Chinese junk.

I have been using them for two years now and not had any problems. All my Uway and Spypoint extenders have stopped working. I ordered the 3 Spypoints when they first came out and think that maybe they have fixed the issue I was having because lots of people seem to be having good luck with them. Also, I don't like the big sensor on the Spypoint it blocks a good portion of the cameras array.
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