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Probably like unread messages here. I can see how that might come in handy. I don't always "touch" every pic so sometimes I miss an earlier photo if I don't look at all the photos for a camera.

I can see how it would be very useful for folks with a lot of cameras like you have.
Playing with rebbies camera I don't see anything different on the unviewed pics.
I try to mark the 9 AM and 9 PM scheduled events pics as all read pretty soon after I get them so that anything that comes in between those times shows as new and I can check it easily, but if I've turned my phone off before 9 PM, sometimes new motion ones are mixed in with the event ones and I'll miss something.
Libby, don't your pics come in with a green flag in the top right corner for the unviewed photos?
Yes, but if I haven't looked at one and several others come in after from that camera I may not look all the way back. I have occasionally missed a pic just because I had my phone off when it came in and then the 12 event photos came in.
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By Jake
Nice to be able to zoom in on the photo right in the app now. Before I had to save it to my photos and then view it from there. I think my batteries finally gave out last night. I started getting numbers going lower for the battery Level as each new photo was coming in. What Real Time Photo setting are you using on your Code Blacks? I had mine set at real time from the moment I put my batteries in. Does Undefined mean real time is off?

I run mine on .5 instead of realtime. Guess realtime is hard on batteries and really only for if you want a realtime photo. What I done is switch it to realtime, ask for a picture and get the pic and set it back to .5
And the undefined thing I think is something to do with the camera name. I will have to look back at my messages as I know I asked about that. Or its in the other post.

I got 20 rayovacs powering mine(8 pack battery extender) and it reads 8 now. Last three weeks temps been from 26° to 40° at night. Not sure how many pics exactly though but can't complain on battery life so far.
Jake, are you saying you turn it from .5 on the app to real time and then request a picture and you get it instantly?
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By Jake
Jdh. I just tried that process ^ and it didn't send a pic right away. It wasnt 30 minutes later either which is weird though.

I got to mess with it more asking it to send pics before I can make a better assumption. I know first few weeks in real time it was sending pics in about a minute depending on my phone's current signal.

I like the idea of switching and asking to send pic and switching back.
That makes sense, if you were 10 minutes into your 30 minute delay then it wouldn't be a 30 minute wait. If you make a camera settings change will it update that change on the next photo it sends or do you have to wait until the next real time delay is up?
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By Jake
My guess is yes it waits to the 30 minute (or selected delay interval) is up and then changes back to realtime or what ever new delay setting you choose. Not sure if the delay just goes off the top of the hour or probably goes off the time on your app when you make the changes I bet.

I put mine in realtime earlier in the afternoon when I made the earlier post here and just requested a pic now and it came through like normal. I will put it back on 1 hour delay as I dont mess too much asking it for a pic.
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By rebbie
Ok I have been playing around with the real time settings. I can tell you that when the camera is not in real time the photos will take about another 15 seconds longer to come in.
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