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By bowhunter2004
If you open the camera door on a warm day when the sun is up and leave it open for a while, all the ants will vacate the camera, then you can spray it down with ant spray... That will keep it ant free for at least a few weeks at a time.
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By Carphunter
looking at the cams, i think i'll put some kind of poison in the battery area. But ants also go in through the usb, sd card and other connectors in the bottom... I may tape a couple closed... but then i think in the bottom of the security box, i'll put something in that's loaded with some sort of poison as well... like maybe permethrin. gonna experiment.
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By johnnydeerhunter
Anthony uses ortho home defense, he sprays it in the security box and on the tree or mount I'm pretty sure and lets it dry and then installs the camera. I'm not sure how the plastic would react if sprayed directly on the camera itself. You could probably put some on a q-tip and wipe it on the camera that way.
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By Carphunter
ya, obviously plastic awareness is a big part of this... hosing any of this stuff with DEET would be a disaster :)
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By 27jr
Well, pulled the cams... full of ants. not sure it's the whole problem...but it sure can't be great...especially if they walk around on the PIR a lot.

Gonna have to figure out how i'm gonna get them out and make sure the cams are clean enough. i could see ants on the back of the camera lens, and the lcd panel inside :)

when i put them back out, i think i'll tape those taro ant syrup traps inside them... ants would still go in, but maybe they'd kill themselves off fast enough with the traps.

oh... pulled 14 ticks off myself yesterday after the retrieval walk.

Where are you located with all those ticks? Need to spray yourself down prior to heading back there again.
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By Carphunter
well, after being cleaned out and put back in the woods.... 1 of the cameras must have ants again... started popping away today.... dammit.
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By Carphunter
Well, cleaned it up... more ants than last time.

This time, i put some ant poison in the bottom of the camera area, and in the battery compartment...maybe it will help.

Note to others when you work on these.... when you remove it from the woods, put it in a big ziplock bag to keep the ants out of everything else it your car... ask me how i know :)

Before you work on the cam, stick it in the freezer for 3 or more hours. makes it much easier to clean out when the ants are basically shut down.

Have both a vacuum and compressed air handy for the cleanout. vac the bulk out, and then air for the tricky spots.
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