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By Roscoe
Got a new 12v 9ah battery, covert 12v to 6v battery cable, and solar panel set up ready to deploy with a Blackout GoCam.

This GoCam has been at the house for awhile. Only a week left on the data plan and tons of data left so I decided to see just how many pictures I could get out of that 9ah battery before I saw a voltage/power level drop on the camera.

Probably 50-75 of the pics it sent were 640x480's as I was playing around with the goapp last night, but the vast majority were 1280x960.

I had the camera in my shop looking out the window. 12v 9ah battery hooked up, no solar panel obviously. Started the run on Tuesday afternoon and saw first power level drop at about 6:30 this morning. Camera was set to 30 sec time lapse. Voltage dropped from P5 to P3 on picture # 2,123. It sent another 6 pictures before I caught the voltage drop and turned off TL. I'm sure it would've kept onsending for a little while longer, but I saw no reason to work the battery that hard. Battery was at 11.92v at the end. So it sent 2,129 pictures. I'm very pleased with this result. That's a month and a half of pictures for me during the heavy feeder activity summer time. Probably 3 months worth of more the rest of the year. With a solar panel onboard and the super sunny location this unit will be in, this sucker ought to run a long time!!

Also, the camera took 2,132 pictures during this test. There was one picture sent twice and 3 total pictures not successfully transmitted. It's transmission success rate was a whopping 99.86% !!! That's pretty darn killer in my book! :mrgreen:
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By rebbie
Thanks for sharing your test results!
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By T-post
Great trial run! I bet the camera would have kept working until the 12V battery dropped below 9V; I say this because the voltage regulator on the power cable says "Input: DC9V-13V". :)
By speed2spare
Should have no problem with it ever running out of power.
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By Roscoe
I picked it up from HCR Electronics. They are about 45 minutes from me. They sell a 150ma and a 70ma on their website, but after visiting with the owner for awhile he sold me the 170ma 12v panel that they use on some of the feeders they sell. So I don't think you can actually buy the one I have. I've tried everything using the numbers on the panel and cannot find it anywhere online.
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By bowhtr1
Wow it says Made in the USA. Don't see that much.
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By Roscoe
Do you think you need a charging controller for the solar panel? Or will it drain enough to not ever fully charge a 12v battery?

The asked the owner of the company I picked it up from and he did not think over recharging was an issue with the application.
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