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By R4P
These cams are neat.

I have never received any scheduled updates, whether pic or cam status updates. I get 5 to 10 pics a day per cam so it's not that important, but I would like to figure out why I don't get them. Does realtime need to be on?

I've asked for a pic at 9 am each morning but have never received it on any of my cams, so I assume it is user error.
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By johnnydeerhunter
Realtime should not need to be turned on. Did you do a settings update after you made the change? Also, what firmware version does the camera have?
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By Roscoe
How old is your camera?

When you click on the battery symbol in the app, when next page opens at the top under the camera name is a long number. What are the last 5 digits of that number?
By R4P
11/24/15 last firmware.

I set up the request initially when I first got the cam.

01208 Last 5 digits.

Bought the cam new only a short while ago and I am sure it is older because it is the solid OD green body and I had to do the update for the 11/24/15 firmware right away before premium could even be used.
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By Roscoe
The number makes me think it's fairly old. I believe your camera probably needs a "base level" software update to get scheduled events working. I had two old one's numbered 00051 and 00465 that would not do scheduled events w/o the update. I had to send both back to HCO. It's not an update that we can do. The turnaround on it is very quick. Contact them next week and see if they think it's the issue.
By R4P
Ah, that is a bummer. Not really wanting to pull them as I have them set where I intended to leave them til July 4th weekend, but probably wise to just get it done/over with now.

I will reach out to them. Thanks.
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By johnnydeerhunter
You probably had to do the firmware update manually too right? it wouldn't do it on it's own without you turning the cam on and off and holding the playback button?
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By Roscoe
I forgot about that, but Johnny is right, the camera probably won't download and install the firmware updates automatically either. It'll DL, just not auto install. The base level update enables that as well.
By R4P
I uploaded the firmware update right on the SD card at the time of setup because Premium wasn't even listed as an option in the menu, lol.

I believe there is another firmware update, and that probably explains why I haven't had it auto update. I should just pull these cams and get them sent in.
By R4P
I have sent two of my Gocams into Spartan for the base level update. I called and it was a bit of an awkward conversation when I tried to explain that my scheduled events and HD pic requests were not working. I did mention the feedback I got here. It got to the point I got a response of "dude, where did you get these cameras?" I bought the cams from an authorized retailer and they must be early manufactured models as thought here. It was just kind of an odd response and didn't leave me with a great CS experience. Anyway, they are in the mail.

I was playing with my other three Gocams (all five are GC-ATTb), putting in new cards and new lithiums to set out tomorrow. These all do scheduled events and send HD pics. I made sure each cam was working by manually test sending a pic. I noticed something odd. The two I sent in, when I manually send a pic, it says something along the lines of "Sending Sending Sent" on the screen.

The three I have with me now do something different. They say "Setting" and then flash a fraction number on the screen (assuming these are steps). It'll go through the numbers to completion and says sent. Each camera has a different number of steps - one had 7, one had 8, and one had 9 - dead serious! The cameras that had 8 and 9 steps took longer to send. Both of those cams said Failed:108 before it started sending through the steps. Ultimately they all sent the manual pic and that works for me, but these cams must have some variation of the firmware or software amongst the same model numbers and as a result variation in performance (transmission time). All of mine say GC-ATTb.

All of these three cams have the November 2015 firmware date out of the box new.
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By LibbyLA
I would hazard a guess that the CS person was wondering what retailer had stock that old on the shelf. Probably surprised to discover that there are still cameras out there that haven't been updated/upgraded, given that the problems cropped up quite awhile ago.

Don't know about the different step numbers. I've never paid attention to that as far as what the count was. I've seen them and I've seen the failed message but the cameras just repeat the process and do get the picture sent. Is this the first time you've put these cams online? I haven't done much of anything with ours in quite awhile so I've forgotten whether it happens when you take a camera offline and then restart it.
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By johnnydeerhunter
The different numbers during sending I believe has to do with the file size. I get the failed attempt too sometimes and it's usually do to me not waiting long enough after I turn the camera on to take and send a picture.
By R4P
Two cams have been "online" for a couple weeks and one for about a week. Each has sent about 1-300 pics.

There is a definite difference in transmissions time, easily 15 seconds. Pics sent were all the same "shot" from the same location (dog was laying down and I was sitting down with all three cams next to me), so I would assume file size would be similar for the pics.

I turned each cam on, let it connect, snapped a manual shot of my dog, and sent. Two of the three got the failed message but all five cams showed full bar signal strength.

In any case, they send so I am happy/content, but I could see the gap in time being a concern for some.
By R4P
I got a call from Vince today. He explained why the camera wasn't sending scheduled events and HD pics. It was as thought here.

He then asked for permission to log onto my account and test the camera to ensure it works properly. I got about 20-30 pics of Vince and a co-worker doing some walk-bys. It was pretty entertaining because I was stuck in a boring business meeting while I was getting the pics. They did a couple tandem walks, a couple solos, and a few office chair scoot-bys.

It was a good customer service experience. They're shipping the cams back. Very thorough.
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