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By R4P
Cabela's porn came in the mail. They have a new solar and 6V setup for $30. It looks promising. It appears to be a ammo like box with the panel mounted on it with adjustments - but the 6V size is probably the 4.5-5 mah. Probably smaller than people here would like, but it might actually work well for some users.

The interesting thing is that it is designed such that the box sit behind the camera. Essentially cam - box/panel - tree. This results in very short cords to connect. It's not online yet, but it is in their glossy mag. Says it mounts Cabelas and Primos/Bushnell directly, but I have to assume other cams can be mounted too.
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By LibbyLA
Good info! Nice price point and your right about it likely being a good solution for some people. Hope someone will post a link once it's available online.
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