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All our GoCams are scheduled to sent photos at 9 AM and 9 PM. Got a photo from one camera time stamped 20:59:37 so I didn't know whether I'd get the 9 PM event photo. However, I did get one, time stamped 21:00:34. The seconds on event photos are typically .04 to .06 so this one was obviously delayed a few seconds but it was taken and sent.
From what I understand, if you get a motion photo taken seconds before your scheduled event photo, you will not get that scheduled event photo.
That is why I posted. The event photo time stamp was 23 seconds before the scheduled event, but we still got the scheduled event photo, it was just time stamped about 30 seconds later than the usual time stamp. I was surprised to get both the motion photo and the event photo given that the motion photo was being sent a the time the even photo would normally have been taken.
I wonder how it was able the take the event photo while the motion photo was still being sent? I'd like to see if the motion photo was taken at 20:59 and 55 seconds would it still take the event photo?
It did not take the event photo while the motion photo was being sent, it took it afterwards. The event photo was delayed about 30 seconds after the time it is normally taken.

I am surprised that happened. I was told that if a motion happens seconds before a scheduled even photo, that you would miss the scheduled event photo. I think Johnnydeerhunter told me that, but maybe I am wrong?
I just meant since I asked the powers that be about it. It was a looooong time ago when I inquired so things may have changed since then, probably been two or maybe three updates since I asked.
I just wonder if the event is set to trigger as soon as possible during the minute it's scheduled for, which would explain why the one I got was about 30 seconds later than usual. That was still within the minute of the scheduled event.
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