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By phalanx
Had a Spartan cam's data plan expire tonight and when trying to renew after hitting submit I receive the below error code:

C30000672003:AT&T is not able to process your request. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Anyone have this happen to them? Tried about 6 times including reloading the cam data and my account info. Had no issue renewing another one tonight that also expired. Of course the cam is about 150 miles away. Guess I will have to call "Peggy" :(

By phalanx
The only way I could get it to accept a payment was to cancel the device completely and then 10 minutes later re-add it to my account. AT&T gave it a new phone number when I added it back but took my payment. I had received the 30 minute notice about 20 minutes before the first time I tried to renew. Hopefully all is well now. Very strange.

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By Roscoe
I don't remember that error code specifically, but I have had that happen before once. It was basically their system being down. I tried several times and couldn't get the renewal done. Went back a couple hours later and it was working fine.
By phalanx
That's what I initially thought Roscoe but it did two others with no issue during the same session. When I called today they suggested using a different browser which I did try (tablet and computer) last night to no avail, also tried a different credit card. Hopefully it will not happen again. They never did tell me what the code meant.
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