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Ever since I got my Code Black 12, my night pics all have spots like on the pic. I emailed Covert and they said it could be dust, bugs, blah blahhhhhh, I didnt buy their ideas. I put in new cards, made sure it was clean. Anyone here have any idea what causes those (annoying) spots?

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By bowhtr1
I cant see them in this picture. You may be seeing dead pixels from the camera. They will appear white dots in night picutres. I cant see what you are seeing. I need to make the picture big but cant seem to do it.
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By Roscoe
Zooming in on my iPhone I don't really see "white spots" either. At least nothing that strikes me as out of the ordinary.
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By LibbyLA
I saw them when I viewed the picture on my computer. There werected a bunch of white pinpricks scattered throughout the photo. It's probably a lot more obvious when viewing the original photo.

That said, I don't know that the spots would bother me. I seldom look at any particular photo for long and I'm not looking for picture book quality so I'm happy if I can easily see and identify what's in the photo.
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By johnnydeerhunter
I see them, if they are in the same spot on other photos then it's dead pixels, if they move around it's dust or pollen or possibly interpolation caused.
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I have a 24" monitor on my puter I use, so maybe it shows up more? I looked at my card (full size pics) and the spots arent there. I wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with my camera hence the reason for asking (especially considering the price of them). Thanks for the input.
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By Roscoe
Oh yeah, 24" monitor would make a huge difference. Monitor that size really challenges the ability of most trail cameras.
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