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By Carphunter
Just bought the data connect and fired up the last of the three replacement cams i got last year. No problems setting the other two up... but this one is giving me the 8 Network Busy error.
rechecked the reg numbers against att, and rechecked my setup program and saw nothing weird.
tried different batts and known good sd cards.
anyone know of any common tricks to get past this? is it something that may clear on its own? or am i stuck waiting for Covert?
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By Carphunter
It seems doing a data plan transmit to cover t's Gmail works. Is there a downside to this method? It does not appear to send to my phone. Only email
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By Carphunter
found the problem... can't put a 1 on the start of the phone number.

no clue why this one phone works this way, and it's twins work just fine the old way....

guess i have to monitor it.
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